About Lymm

Lymm is a large village and civil parish in Warrington, Cheshire

The name Lymm (pronounced Lim) has Celtic origins and means ‘a place of running water.’ It is likely to be named this after the stream that runs through the village. The stream descends from Lymm Dam, runs through the Dingle and into the village centre. The Bridgewater canal also passes through Lymm offers and many beautifully scenic walks through the area.

Lymm Dam is a central point to Lymm village and is an area of great beauty and tranquillity. It was constructed in 1824 to make way for a new road, which is now the A56. The surrounding woodland and meadows around the dam are rich with a variety of wildlife, trees and wildflowers. The Dam is very popular with families, dog walkers and anglers as there is plenty for everyone to enjoy and discover.

Lymm village centre is a designated conservation area. In the centre of the village stands Lymm Cross, the only Grade 1 listed construction in Warrington. Standing on ancient red sandstone steps, the current cross was mounted to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897. In the mid-17th century the preceding cross was put there, along with the village stocks, used for summary justice of local miscreants. It is not known however how far back the original monument reaches; it could be Saxon or even Roman times.

Lymm is home to a fantastic range of events throughout the year, which celebrate the great community spirit of the area. With Lymm May Queen Day, Lymm Festival, Dickensian Day and Carols at the Cross, there’s something to enjoy with all the family throughout the different seasons in this picturesque village.